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About Undecayed

This comic uses strong language, sexual themes, and graphic violence.

Undecayed is a comic about living (or not living) with compassion in a world filled with literal monsters. It updates weekly on Mondays.

Undecayed is available to read online for free, and is supported largely through the patronage of its readers. To find out more about supporting the comic, please visit the patreon page to learn about pledges and rewards.

For Your Support, a Special Thank You Goes Out To:

  • Kelsey Noble
  • Sam Bradley

About the Author


Lyon Beckers has a degree in Music composition and has decided to put it to good use by drawing comics. He’s been drawing comics for as long as he can remember, and he feels weird about writing in the third person.

Lyon can be reached by email via lyonbeckers at gmail dot com, on twitter as @lyonbeckers, and on instagram as @lyonbeckers.

Lyon also draws: