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EDIT 2017-03-13: Y’all I’m gonna be taking an unannounced break from comics this week to focus on game development because I REALLY want to get a working demo out this month of the game I’ve been making. Come back next Tuesday for more Undecayed! You can follow the game development on tumblr here

EDIT 2: Electric BoogalooI’ve decided to put both Undecayed and Bent Pins on temporary hiatus for the time being. You can read more about what’s going on here. I apologize for any disappointment this may cause


Just a heads up! Going forward, Undecayed is going to be updating on Tuesdays! Up until now I’ve been updating two different comics (ie: Bent Pins) on Mondays, and what usually winds up happening is I sometimes have to try and draw both of them on Sunday, which doesn’t always work. I figure if I spread it out a little (updating Bent Pins on M-W-F, Undecayed on Tuesday), it kind of gives me a bit more breathing room.

WITH THAT BEING SAID, this page is going up a little later than usual not for any legitimate reason, but just because I spent way way too much time playing Breath of the Wild last weekend. Whoops! Sorry about that

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Sorry for the delay y’all! I played a couple concerts at the beginning of the month (gotta take those paying gigs where I can get ’em) and between practicing, the rehearsals, drawing and typing, it did quite a number on my wrist so I had to take some time off to recover. Thanks for all your patience! Thank you for reading!

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It’s been so long since we’ve seen this guy!

Some of you may already know this from following me on twitter, if you’ve read Bent Pins recently, or if you’re a patreon supporter, but I’ve started developing a video game! I’ve got a devlog started for it over on tumblr where you can track the development of it if you’d like! Occasionally I’ll be posting demos to patreon (which I’ve already done) too, so if you were on the fence about patreon, that’s a thing that might push you over it??

Check out the devlog over at