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Aaaand we’re back! Took some time off to attend to some other commitments but all that is done now so we’re back at full operating capacity here. If you don’t read my other comic Bent Pins, it has also been undergoing a longer hiatus, but it too is now updating at its full schedule.

Thanks again for all your patience and thank you all for reading!

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Just another heads up in case you missed it last week, updates will be sparse in November. Also, if you hadn’t seen, there are now Disqus comment sections below every comic!

I applied to TCAF a couple weeks ago, but I won’t hear whether or not I’ve got a table until mid December. I was going to get chapters 1 and 2 printed out to sell if I got in, but in the meantime, would there be any interest in a small print run of chapter 1? Lemme know in the comments, because I could get the ball rolling on that regardless of TCAF status, it’s just a little expensive to be jumping in blind on.

Thanks for reading!